Breacher X-Files Database


The Breacher X-Files is the only true database of it kind which provides tactical explosive breachers with the ability to collect, retrieve, and share all their historical breaching data in a secure and real time manner.  This advanced database fulfills one of the greatest operational needs of all tactical breachers, the ability to utilize the valuable collective experience of their team at any time or place thereby facilitating more accurate and legally defendable decisions to accomplish their mission and breaching objectives. 


Designed and created by US tactical breachers with extensive operational experience, the Breacher X-Files is more than just a simple app.  It is a true, all-encompassing, fully searchable database providing breachers with the ability to: 

  • Efficiently document operational and training report; including high-resolution pictures of breaching results 
  • Store all historic breaching data in a one centralized location 
  • Accurately collet charge load and target analysis data 
  • Synchronize data providing ultimate information sharing among team breachers and their supervisors.
  • Secure retrieval of breaching reports, pictures, load data, target analysis data, as well as other details via a mobile device with or without WiFi or cellular service.
  • Ability to search any data field of the breaching report, including but not limited to: Charge Description, Target Analysis Details, Charge Construction and Configuration, Breaching Results, and much more. 
  • Produce consistent, legible, and professional breaching report in PDF format 
  • Ensure transparency and uniformity within a breaching program 
  • Customize all pages of the database and generated hard copy reports by inserting the agency’s or unit’s logo. 



  • Cover Page – providing general info regarding the mission or training event as well as the charge used and it breaching results   
  • Target Analysis Page – allows breachers to pick from industry standard descriptions of doors, windows, walls, locks, hinges, etc. thereby standardizing verbiage throughout their program.   
  • Ability to take and attached pictures directly to the report. Note: all pictures will appear on the final electronic reports as well as the PDF hard copies.   
  • Explosive Calculation Page – fully automated explosive calculation for Minimum Safe Distances (MSD), Fragmentation Hazard Zones, and various scale distances. 
  • Charge Construction Page – provides details of all priming systems and charge construction data. 


Security features built to meet the standard of US governmental agencies:

  • 256 Bit AES Encryption on all user devices and cloud storage 
  • 256 Bit SSL Encryption on all data transfer 
  • 10 GB Storage per agency per year-  provides storage for approximately 1200 high resolution images per year
  • Secure Data Storage – 100% in the US,  redundant internet access, redundant power supply, daily backup of all data
  • 100% US based Tech support 
  • Supports IOS and Android platforms (phone and tablets) 
  • Use management login, access, permissions 


The Breacher X-Files was developed and created 100% in the US by active and retired US Law Enforcement breachers.  It was tested rigorously for over 3 years in real life operational conditions through out the country.  It is currently in operational use by numerous US law enforcement agencies and in all FETT USA courses.