Structure Attached COMPLETE Breaching Door and Frame


Structure Attached COMPLETE Breaching Door and Frame  

CALL FOR PRICING – This item can not be purchased online due to its size and weight.


The FE135 COMPETE Breaching Door and Frame was designed and built by experienced breachers who possess years of operational experience in the field of tactical breaching.  It was built with three main objectives in mind:

  • Durability
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Cost-efficiency


The FE135 series Breaching Doors and Frames are constructed of heavy high strength structural steel and engineered specifically to meet the strenuous demands of all manual, mechanical, ballistic, explosive, hydraulic, and vehicle assisted breaching. 


Suitable for the following methods of breaching:

  • Manual (inward and outward opening configurations)
  • Ballistic (inward opening configurations)
  • Mechanical (inward and outward opening configurations)
  • Explosive (inward opening configurations)
  • Hydraulic (inward opening configurations)
  • Vehicle Assist (inward opening configurations)