The Complete Breaching Kit



This Breaching Kit Includes the FE107 Charge Pack, the FE108 Priming Pack, and the FE147 Probing Kit 

FE147 Probing Kit (not sold separately) Contains: 

  • Wall-Probing Rod with Measuring Indicators- x1
  • Complete Drill Bit Kit- x1
  • Wall Punch – x1
  • Detachable Head Screwdriver- x1
  • Manual Saw- x1
  • Hole Saw- x1
  • Syringe- x1
  • Electrical Current Detector (with silent mode)- x1
  • Folding Cutting Multi Tool- x1
  • Mini Pry Bar- x1
  • Flexible/ Bendable LED Light- x1
  • Mechanical Pick-Up- x1
  • Black Thermo Marker- x1
  • White Thermo Marker- x1
  • Steel Brush- x1
  • Accessory Bag (OD/ Tan/ or Black)- x1

Additional information

Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 12 in