Armed Urban Confrontation
Urban Combat for Law Enforcement

Duration: 4 Day Hands-on Course HOST A COURSE
Course Code: GA-T101
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During the past 20 years, US law enforcement has experienced a rise in armed confrontations against well-equipped and determined suspects.  It is no longer a rare incident for officers to be outgunned and outmaneuvered by suspects who use military-style hardware and tactics to inflict damage and casualties on both civilians and officers alike.  From countless sniper incidents to street gun battles with bank robbers, law enforcement officers find themselves at a tactical disadvantage when confronted with these most violent and dynamic incidents.

Much like their military counterparts, law enforcement officers must possess the knowledge and ability to respond effectively and decisively in order to protect their lives and the lives of innocent civilians all while quickly resolving the incident and successfully neutralizing the threat.  Law enforcement agencies however, are often limited by their equipment, their resources, and the methods by which they are allowed to implement their tactics.  Their methods of resolving this type of incident are strictly guided by existing laws and policies and are coupled with a high degree of liability. 

As a result of their extensive military and law enforcement experiences, our instructors have developed a training course which adapts urban combat military tactics for use by law enforcement officers.  These tactics are carefully modified to conform to all the requirements and guidelines set forth by the civilian law enforcement community.  Despite these adaptations, the course maintains the basic fundamentals and crucial elements of urban combat which are necessary for officers to survive and win these confrontations.


Course Prerequisites:
Restricted to Fully Commissioned/ Sworn U.S. Law Enforcement Officers, Government Agents, and Active Military Personnel.  DOD Contractors are welcomed.