Advanced Target Analysis for Explosive Breachers
Fulfills EBRR/ Explosive Breacher Recertification Requirements

Duration: 5 Day Hands-on Course HOST A COURSE
Course Code: FE-TBC122
Cost: $1680.00


This Advanced Target Analysis course was specifically designed for explosive breachers operating in high liability environments which demand accurate breaching results while mitigating or eliminating the hazards associated with the use of energetic materials.  Such breachers are tasked with properly recognizing the unique challenges presented by a wide range of breaching targets, identifying their weaknesses, and designing methods for successful exploitation of those weaknesses.

The course differs from basic and advanced breaching classes in that it concentrates solely on the breacher’s ability to identify specific details pertaining to target materials, construction properties, inherent weakness and strengths, and other unique and crucial features.  The course will instruct participants in the methodical process of analyzing this data for the purpose of deciding which energetic properties will produce the most desirable results while simultaneously mitigating undesirable effects.  Participants will be learn the effects of energetic properties on various materials and the process of choosing and constructing explosive breaching charges suitable for a wide spectrum of targets and missions.

Created exclusively by and for tactical breachers, this course was developed directly from the real-world experiences of our instructors.  These experiences are the result of their deployment in hundreds of OPERATIONAL law enforcement explosive breaching missions including hostage rescues, barricaded suspects, suicidal subjects, and high risk search warrants.

Important Note:
For many operators who lack continuous operational deployment of explosive breaching, this course achieves three important objectives:
  • It serves as a documented refresher for material initially taught years ago but which may not have been revisited since.
  • It provides crucial updates in the fields of energetics, charge construction, common trends pertaining to LE and military deployment, and much more.
  • It presents new advanced skills and methods of operation, thereby facilitating forward progression in the individual breacher’s ability to apply his skill set in various environments and propel his unit’s program forward.

This course is taught exclusively by POST certified instructors who possess real-world operational experience in field of explosive breaching. 

Course Prerequisites:
  • Restricted to Fully Commissioned/ Sworn U.S. Law Enforcement Officers, Government Agents, and Active Military Personnel
  • Certified Explosive Breachers who possess the following (copy of certification is required):
    • Must possess a current FETT Basic/ Intermediate Tactical Explosive Breacher Certification
    • Knowledge of Charge Calculations To Include Net Explosive Weights (N.E.W.), Minimum Safe Distances (MSD), Internal Residual Overpressure, Predicting/ Estimating Collateral Damage, Operational Limitations of Calculations
    • Knowledge of Basic – Intermediate Charge Construction

Target Audience:
  • Personnel whose experience within their agency/ entity surpasses entry level positions
  • Sufficient tenure remaining in their current or future position to allow for the application of course material upon their return
  • Assigned to one of the following positions within their respective agency/entity:
    • Member of tactical team, emergency response unit
    • Member of Bomb Tech/ EOD unit
    • Member of other specialized unit which requires operational knowledge and capacities in the field of explosive breaching
    • Instructor specializing in tactical operations, explosives, breaching methods, or related fields

Topics to be covered:
  • Advanced Concepts in Target Analysis
  • Tool Selection
  • Methods of Analysis
  • Material Analysis
  • Construction Analysis
      • Doors
      • Windows
      • Walls (soft and hard construction)
      • Roofs
  • Energetics Concepts and their Effects on Materials
  • Methods of Estimating Breaching Effects and Results
  • Post Breach Analysis
  • Documentation and Data Collection
  • Charge Selection and Construction
    • Identifying the Minimum Amount of Explosives Necessary
    • Mitigation of Collateral Damage
    • Mitigation of Blast Pressure Effects
    • Mitigation of Primary and Secondary Fragmentation
  • Target Analysis in Tactical Environments
  • Mission Planning Based on Target Analysis
  • Choosing Secondary Breach Tools Based on Target Analysis