Concealed Carry for Undercover Operators

Duration: 5 Day Advanced Course- Handgun and Shoulder Mounted Weapons HOST A COURSE
Course Code: GA-T108
Cost: FREE

Course Description
The great majority of weapons carriers are taught primarily to deploy and manipulate their handguns from a non-concealed holster on the hip.  Both law enforcement and military training invest countless hours in drilling the required muscle memories into their students.  As a result, the fundamentals of drawing, manipulating, and marksmanship become close to second nature, allowing the operators to deploy their weapons correctly and effectively under various stressful conditions.

In both the military and law enforcement realms, the persons who are usually chosen for plain clothes/ undercover operations are veterans who have spent years in a uniformed capacity.  In most cases, the required adjustments to their appearance, behavior, and mannerisms are made immediately.  However, the adjustments to their safe operational conduct can take much longer and may never be fully implemented. 

The crucial changes that must be made to all aspects of weapons handling, tactics, and operational mindset are an inseparable part of changing out of the operator’s uniform and into plain clothes.  Most operators, however, are never taught the proper weapons skills, nor given the proper tools to train themselves or to develop the mindset required to effectively work in an undercover capacity.

This course is specifically geared toward developing and instilling the correct weapons skills and combat mindset which is instrumental for an undercover operator when faced with a deadly force encounter.  It takes the basic fundamentals of weapon safety, manipulation, and marksmanship and adjusts them to fit the needs of a concealed weapon carrier. It then combines them with tactics and skills which are unique to this method of operations and instills the correct muscle memory required for use under high stress conditions.

Perhaps the most important attribute of this course is its instructor base.  All of the instructors have years of “real-world” operational experience as undercover operators in a military and/ or law enforcement capacity.  They have direct personal knowledge of “the job” and the challenges faced by those who partake in it.  For that reason the material they teach is a direct result of “hands-on” experience and not theoretical studies.


Course Prerequisites:
Restricted to Fully Commissioned/ Sworn Law U.S. Enforcement Officers, Government Agents, and Active Military Personnel