IED Detection, Recognition, and Mitigation (IED DRM)
Operational Tactics for Non-Bomb Technicians

Duration: 5 Day Hands-on Training HOST A COURSE
Course Code: GA-EOD101
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Course Description:
This interactive training is designed to introduce non-Bomb Tech/ EOD officers and tactical operators to the unique requirements and technical skills required for detecting, confronting, and handling various incidents involving improvised explosive devices (IEDs).  Such incidents may include various suicide bombing scenarios such as Body and/or Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (BBIED or VBIED), large scale attacks or threats to critical infrastructure and large venues, and threats of booby traps and pre- placed IEDs at a wide range of locations and targets.

The course will introduce officers to the methodical process of scanning various environments for IEDs, and teach safety procedures and related tactics intended to mitigate the risk to the public, other officers, and themselves.   These critical skills are intended for use during IED incidents in which immediate action is necessary while Bomb Tech/ EOD professionals are not present and/ or may be delayed.

This unique training was especially designed for law enforcement officers who operate in specific capacities such as undercover, tactical, personal security detail (PSD), and other assignments.  Such officers are not likely to have Bomb Tech/ EOD at their immediate disposal but are required to detect and mitigate the risk of IEDs.


Course Pre-requisites:
Restricted to Fully Commissioned/ Sworn U.S. Law Enforcement Officers, Government Agents, and Active Military Personnel