M.M.B.T.H Breacher Certification Course
Manual, Mechanical, Ballistic, Thermal, and Hydraulic Breacher Certification Course

Duration: 5 Day Hands-on HOST A COURSE
Course Code: FE-TBC108
Cost: $1585.00


As a comprehensive breaching course, M.M.B.T.H is designed to provide a complete certification training encompassing 5 of the most commonly used breaching methods in tactical fields.  The training concentrates on the proper and effective applications of each method for the purpose of achieving the tactical objectives of various missions.

This unique course fulfills two important objectives.  First, to  provide participants with one training venue to learn, practice, and become proficient with manual, mechanical, ballistic, thermal, and hydraulic breaching tools, and methodologies.  The second, accomplished during countless practical exercises, provides operators with ability to dynamically implement various breaching tools in support of one another thereby recognize their true operational capabilities and limitations.

This course is taught by both POST certified law enforcement instructors and veteran military operators, all of whom possess real-world operational experience in field of ballistic breaching.


Course Prerequisites:

Restricted to Fully Commissioned/ Sworn U.S. Law Enforcement Officers, Government Agents, and Active Military Personnel.

Target Audience:
  • Members of tactical teams and/ or emergency response units
  • Members of Bomb Tech/ EOD teams
  • Members of other specialized units which require operational knowledge and capacities in the field of tactical breaching
  • Instructors specializing in tactical operations, breaching methods, and/ or related fields


Training Modules 

  • Ram
  • Sledge Hummer
  • Halligan
  • Bolt Cutters
  • Gate/ Pull Hook
  • Break and Rake Tools



  • Rescue/ K12/ Quickie Saws
  • Chain Saws
  • Battery Operated Saws



  • Exothermic

  • 12ga Shotgun



  • Manual Hydraulic
  • Battery powered Hydraulic
Training Topics:
  • Tools Selection
  • Applicable Safety Procedures
  • Safety tools and equipment
  • Maintenance and Trouble Shooting
  • Basic Manipulation and Use
  • Advance Concepts in Tactical Use
  • Target Analysis
  • Tactical Considerations and Deployments
  • Contingencies Plans
  • Mission Intelligence, Planning, and Briefing
  • Breaching targets
    • Door Breaching (Wood, Metal, Fiberglass)
    • Security Gates
    • Window Breaching
    • Garage Doors
    • Roofs
    • Barricaded Targets
    • Rebars
    • Metal Security Bars
  • Deployment of M.M.B.T.H tools in support of Explosive Breaching