MACTAC Breacher- Train the Trainer Certification
Train the Trainer Course

Duration: 3-5 Day Hands-on HOST A COURSE
Course Code: FE115
Cost: Contact us for price.


Designed as a train-the-trainer course, MACTAC Breacher training provides the fundamental breaching skills required by law enforcement officers assigned to Multi-Assault Counter-Terrorism Action Capabilities (MACTAC) teams and/ or similar active shooter response units.  The course concentrates on the proper and effective applications of all applicable breaching methods for the purpose of achieving the tactical objectives during various dynamic missions.  

The course curriculum was specially designed to accommodate the operational requirements of different LE units around the country.  To do so, the training is divided into two types of modules, Standard and Optional.  The Standard Modules are provided in all classes, regardless of length, and cover all applicable manual breaching methods and techniques.  The Optional Modules cover mechanical, ballistic, and hydraulic breaching methods as they apply to MACTAC operations.  The host agency is left to decide which Optional Modules if any are best suited for its officers and their mission objectives.  The number of training days will increase from 3 to 5 depending on the desired Optional Modules.