Manual Breacher- Train the Trainer Certification
Manual Breacher- Train the Trainer Certification

Duration: 3 Days Hands-on HOST A COURSE
Course Code: FE-TBC225
Cost: $785.00

As a comprehensive breaching course, the Manual Breacher- Train-the-Trainer Certification course is designed to provide a complete training encompassing of most commonly used manual breaching methods in tactical fields.  The training concentrates on the proper and effective applications of each method for the purpose of achieving the tactical objectives of various missions.

This unique course fulfills three important objectives.  First, it provides participants with one training venue to learn, practice, and become proficient with most common manual tools used in the tactical breaching field.  Second, accomplished during countless practical exercises, it provides operators with the ability to dynamically implement various breaching tools in support of one another, thereby recognizing their true operational capabilities and limitations. Lastly, it equips participants with the necessary information and experience to assist them in developing their agency’s manual breaching programs, and instruct its members.