Military Tactical Explosive Breacher Course

Duration: 5 – 10 days Customized HOST A COURSE
Course Code: FE-TBC103
Cost: Contact us

Course Introduction:
This customized course combines various elements of our basic, intermediate, and advanced tactical explosive breacher courses to fit the specific needs of various military units.

To ensure the course curriculum meets the unit’s training objectives, Forced Entry will consult with its leadership to identify the current level and operational proficiency of its operators, identify specific training goals, and establish the necessary logistics. 

In some cases, Forced Entry may be able to acquire off-site location/s to better accommodate various aspects of the training.  Advanced notice is required in order to consider an off-site training option.   Contact us for further information.

Note:   These courses will not be open to Law Enforcement personnel and will only be offered and sold as Closed Courses.


Topics to be covered:
  • Breaching Hazards and Safety
  • Explosive Concepts / Terminology
  • Documentation / Liability
  • Breacher Responsibilities
  • Use of Blowout Kits
  • Use of Blowout kits
  • Storage and Equipment
  • Basic/ Advanced Charge Calculations
  • Target Analysis (basic/ advanced)
  • Mission Intelligence, Planning, and Briefing
  • Deployment Considerations


  • Tactical Concepts and Contingencies
  • Charge Selection
  • Charge Construction / Delivery Systems
  • Dynamic Deployments of RDC’s
  • Low Light Operations
  • Alternate Breaching Methods
  • Implementation of Manual Breaching
  • Implementation of Ballistic Breaching
  • Implementation of Mechanical Breaching
  • Implementation of Thermal Breaching
  • Implementation of Hydraulic Breaching