Response to Active Shooter MCI’s

Duration: 1 Day Course HOST A COURSE
Course Code: GA-EMS102
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Course Description
Different in their overall dynamics and magnitude, Active Shooter MCI’s require EMS first responders to possess specialized skills and capabilities in order to effectively provide medical aid and save lives.  Above all, such incidents dictate that responders must be familiar with various hazards and possess crucial tactics skills as they relate to their field of expertise.

This course introduces EMS professionals to the reality of Active Shooter scenarios and resulting MCI’s.  It instructs participants in the execution of their medical duties in a manner which is both tactically sound and mission-oriented.  The course provides hand-on skills pertaining to integration of medical assets with law enforcement units, conducting triage and providing care under fire, extraction of victims, and tactics associated with safety and proactivity.


Course Pre-requisites:
Restricted to U.S. active EMS personnel and medical professionals, government agents and active military personnel.