Response to Active Shooter

Duration: 4 Day Hands-on Course HOST A COURSE
Course Code: GA-T105
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Course Description
This course is geared toward individual officers and/ or teams tasked with immediate response to Active Shooter incidents.   The training concentrates on the physical skills required by both individual and specialized teams to properly address the attack thereby stopping its momentum, neutralizing the aggressive actions, and minimizing damage. 

The course instructs participants in all aspects of dynamic response assuring they possess the necessary skills to accomplish their mission. The course curriculum covers the following topics in detail:

  • Response considerations
  • Tactical skills (individual and teams)
  • Building and room entries
  • Team movements and configurations
  • Firearms skills
  • Gear and equipment selections
  • Breaching capabilities
  • Addressing the threat of IED’s and booby traps
  • Principles of tactical medical care under fire


Course Prerequisites:
Restricted to Fully Commissioned/ Sworn Law U.S. Enforcement Officers, Government Agents, and Active Military Personnel.  DOD Contractors are welcomed.