Response to Suicide Bombing MCI’s

Duration: 1 Day Course HOST A COURSE
Course Code: GA-EMS101
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Course Description
Response to Suicide Bombing MCIs is a full day course specially designed to introduce EMS and other medical professionals to the dynamics of suicide bombing incidents and the aftermath of detonations.  It presents information and data gathered from the real-world multi-national experiences of military, law enforcement, and medical personnel who deal with the outcomes of these types of terrorist attacks on a daily basis.

The course provides the participants with the basic understanding of the suicide bombers’ operational methodologies, the tools used to implement them, and their intended effects.

Its main focus is identifying the medical challenges faced by EMS personnel when responding to post-blast scenes.  By exposing and familiarizing the students to the unique injuries, hazards, working conditions, and devastating results associated with these incidents, the course lays out the basic foundations necessary for all EMS professionals to effectively respond to these non-conventional MCIs.


Advanced 2 Day Hands-on Course
The second day continuation of the 1 day course covers in great detail the hands-on skills required by EMS responders to effectively operate in Suicide Bombing MCI’s.  The course instructs participants in the methods of operating in post blast scenes, field triage, IED and explosive recognition, and integration with bomb technicians and other law enforcement resources.


Course Pre-requisites:
Restricted to U.S. active EMS personnel and medical professionals, government agents and active military personnel.