Sub-Zero Breaching
Fulfills EBRR/ Explosive Breacher Recertification Requirements

Duration: 5 Days HOST A COURSE
Course Code: FE-TEC125
Cost: $1,200.00

This specialized breaching course is designed to provide tactical breachers with the training and experience to effectively conduct breaching operations in sub-zero weather conditions.  The course highlights the many challenges and possible failures faced by breaching when conducting breaching operations in extreme cold environments and the ways by which to address and mitigate them.

While the training concentrates predominantly on the use of energetic breaching, it also addresses the important skills and realistic employment of various manual, mechanical, ballistic, thermal, and hydraulic (MMBTH) breaching capabilities as secondary/ backup methods under such harsh conditions.  Doing so ensures participants understand how to better prepare their complete breaching capabilities to obtain the desired breaching results.

Due to the unique nature of the training curriculum, the course is specifically geared toward personnel who are certified in explosive breaching and possess training and experience in all MMBTH capabilities.