Terrorist Vehicle Interception (TVI™)
Advanced CSB Operations

Duration: 4 Day Hands-on Training HOST A COURSE
Course Code: GA-CT102
Cost: $1400.00

Course Description

Designed specifically for US law enforcement officers, TVI™ is taught exclusively to officers/ first responders who have successfully completed the initial 5 day Counter Suicide Bomber (CSB™) training and can show professional necessity for the advanced skills and tactics taught in this course.  Building on the knowledge and skills learned in the CSB™ course, this advanced training is designed to provide participants the following:

  • Overall understanding of the threats and challenges presented by a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device VBIED.
  • Provide the necessary “Training and Experience” upon which decisions can be made and articulated
  • Provide advanced firearms and empty hand skills
  • Build individual and team skills/ tactics
  • Teach practical and legally defendable physical skills necessary for effective interdiction and proper response to various VBIED scenarios.
Course Prerequisites:
  • Restricted to Fully Commissioned/ Sworn U.S. Law Enforcement Officers, Government Agents, and Active Military Personnel