1st Annual Tactical Breacher Competition

Duration: 3 Days HOST A COURSE
Course Code: FE-TBC201
Cost: Contact us

The Breacher’s ChallengeTM is the first and only competition of its kind to concentrate solely on the skills of tactical breaching.  Designed by and for tactical breachers, this competition tests the breaching skills of individuals and their teams as they apply to the 5 most common methods of breaching: Manual, Mechanical, Ballistic, Thermal, and Explosive.

This intense team competition is designed to task every aspect of a breacher’s skills, endurance, and decision-making.  Breaching teams will be judged on their ability to perform proper target analysis, appropriate use of various tools, and the implementation of breaching methods in a tactically sound manner.

The Breacher’s ChallengeTM consists of individual events. Each event concentrates on one or more methods of breaching.  Teams may choose to compete in single, multiple, or all breaching events based on their comfort level and proficiency with specific methods of breaching/ tools.  


This year’s competition tracks are:

  • Manual and Ballistic Breaching
  • Mechanical (Rescue K12/ Quickie saw) Breaching
  • Exothermic Breaching
  • Explosive Breaching 



  • Teams must consist of two members of the same agency 
  • Teams must demonstrate acceptable proficiency with breaching methods and tools.
  • For teams competing in the Explosive Breaching track- One team members must be certified as explosive breacher (proof of certification will be required.)



  • Teams must obey safety rules at all times.
  • Safety equipment and gear must be used/ worn at all times.
  • Teams must follow instructions from safety officers and/ or graders at all times.
  • To assure overall consistency, teams must use the tools and materials provided by the organizing party. 
  • Members of the host agency will not be allowed to participate in the competition.  
  • Teams will compete at their assigned time.  Failure appear at the designated area at the  assigned time will result in automatic disqualification from the specific event.
  • Proper safety equipment must be provided by each team member
  • Tactical ballistic vest or plate carrier, ballistic helmet, and pistol holster must be worn at all times by both team members.
  • All events are timed.
  • Predetermined penalties will add time to the finishing time of the team. (see individual events for list of penalty descriptions and time)
  • Team with the fastest total time (includes penalties) will win the event/s.
  • Absolutely NO whining allowed!!!



  • Prizes will be awarded to winners of all individual events and the all-around Master Breacher Event. 
  • Prizes include breaching equipment, gear, and free spots for manual, mechanical, ballistic, thermal, and explosive breaching certification courses valued in the thousands of dollars.


Registered competitors will receive a complete description of the competition, a list of rules and regulations, explanation of the scoring methods, and detailed description of all tracks in which they are scheduled to compete in. Please contact us by email or phone for further info.   


Costs (per team of 2 competitors):

  • One event- $50.00
  • Two Events- $65.00
  • Three Events- $75.00
  • All Events $80.00