FETT USA – Testimonials

  Forced Entry Tactical Training provides a fantastic urban breaching course that focuses on a fast paced realistic environment. The breaching data obtained during the week will provide teams with unparalleled reference material for future use.

Jason Latteri
US Army 5 th Special Forces Group

  Forced Entry provided the best hands-on breaching training that I have ever received.

Kirby Vaughan
Staff Sergeant
US Army 5 th Special Forces Group

  One of the best organized and most thorough courses I have attended in 27 years of Law Enforcement. Excellent course!

Mel Tellinghusen
Portland Police Bureau 

  This is a great course! The instructors are very knowledgeable. Forced Entry’s course was very instrumental in getting our explosive breaching program up and running. This course is a must for law enforcement explosive breachers!

Lt. Charlie Winslow
Chesapeake Police Department 

  Excellent Course. One of the best SWAT related classes I have ever attended. Having no prior knowledge of explosives I feel after attending this course, I can confidently and successfully start the process of implementing explosive breaching with my agency.

Officer Richard DeLeo 
Norfolk Police Department  

  The Forced Entry Instructor’s practical experience, coupled with their technical knowledge resulted in an outstanding course for the novice or seasoned operator.

Sgt. Brad Simmons
Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office  

  The instructor’s were very experienced and well learned regarding explosives and the construction of breaching charges. Their experience, knowledge and instructor skills, were invaluable in helping me learn and retain the course material.

Sgt. Ben Gonse 
Virginia Beach Police Department  

  A lot of information, put out in a logical sequence. Truly professional instructors that teach from an operational standpoint. The instructors have, “been there, done that”.

Russ Renner – Retired Virginia Beach Police Officer (27 years)
Firearms and Tactics Instructor (BlackWater USA) 

  Extremely valuable course, that packed a large amount of information into a one week course. The instructors experience and ability to present the material was excellent.

C.E. Hollowood 
Portsmouth Police Department  

  The Explosive Breaching course presented by Forced Entry was excellent and extremely professional. This was my first school on the topic of explosive breaching and upon completion, I felt very comfortable returning to my agency to help jump start our explosive breaching program. Excellent job by the Forced Entry instructors!

Master Officer Jason Minehan
Virginia Beach Police Department 

  Excellent program presented by Forced Entry. I would definitely recommend this course for both operators and administrators, looking to start an explosive breaching program. The instruction was based on actual real world experience. Professional to the core!

Deputy Richard Guinn
Apache County Sheriff’s Office 

  The Forced Entry Instructors are truly dedicated to the Explosive Breaching Field. The Course was very professionally presented.

Corporal Julian Schwab 
St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office  

  Outstanding Course! The instructors were knowledgeable and had extensive operational breaching experience. The course moved at a good pace with limited down time. 

Victor Rosado 
Police Officer 
Phoenix Police Department / SAU  

  One of the best courses I have ever attended. The instructors were knowledgeable and extremely professional. I would recommend this course to any military and/or law enforcement personnel.

Sgt. Lorenzo Fitzgerald
US Army / 56 th Chemical Recon Detachment 

  The knowledge of the instructors was beyond any school I’ve attended. The instructors are so eager to help. Forced Entry Tactical Training will be the one and only school I will relay to other teams that are building an explosive breaching program. The instructors at Forced Entry represent their program with the utmost knowledge and professionalism.

Deputy Steve Gowin
King County Sheriff’s Office 

  This course has been the most comprehensive and well thought course that I have been to. The instructor’s knowledge base is extensive in both theory and application. The detail put into the course was amazing. There was no down time and every aspect of the course was laid out professionally and well thought out. The instructors were motivated and truly live and breath explosive breaching.

Deputy Bryan Pacey
King Country Sheriff’s Office

  Throughout my over 15 years of Law Enforcement I have attended many courses. The professionalism, expertise, and humble manner in which the Forced Entry Instructors presented this course allowed for a top-notch learning environment. Their conduct as instructors is a great reflection of their Company, Department, and the Tactical Community as a whole. I would recommend this course to all tactical teams. P.S. Great Job!! Stay low & Safe!!

Captain Jeff Wilson 
St. Joseph Police Department 

  I have been an officer for 12 years and on a tactical team for 8 years and this is by far the best school I have ever been to. I learned so much from this training that will make me a better operator and will be able to save lives back home. The Forced Entry Instructors were excellent teachers. The two of them were able to take their knowledge and experience and pass it on to me in a way I could understand. I would serve with them anywhere in the world if they would take me on. They were “AWESOME!”

Officer Joe Heiteman
Louisville Metro Police Department 

  Absolutely the best training I have received in 8 years of Law Enforcement. A must for any Breacher. Loved it.

Senior Patrolman Matt McLeod
Minot Police Department 

  The information and hands on experience I have been exposed to will allow me to incorporate new ideas with our already established breaching program. This has been an incredible week of intense training. The instructors are top notch and incredibly knowledgeable. Thank you!

Officer Nick Sprecco
El Cajon Police Department