Program and Policy Development

As a part of our training and consulting services, Global Assets offers complete program and policy development and implementation services.  We ensure that the skills and knowledge passed to our clients are properly transferred into Procedures, Policies, and most importantly deployable methods of operation. 

Select members of our staff possess firsthand experience in the creation of operational programs, policies, and procedures which are carefully designed to adhere to departmental SOP’s, use of force policies, and legal guidelines.  The ability to provide these services is a direct result of our instructors’ years of experience in their respective fields as veteran officers and commanders of various law enforcement agencies and specialized units.

We currently provide program and policy development in the following fields:

  • Counter-Terrorism
    • Counter Suicide Bomber (CSBTM) interdiction and mitigation
    • The use of Stress Reflex and Behavioral Pattern Indicators (SRI and BPITM)
    • Hostile Threat and Surveillance Detection
    • Event Planning 
  • C-IED and EOD/ Bomb Technician
    • Bomb and Tactical Teams Interoperability
    • IED Detection and Mitigation for Non-Bomb Technicians
    • MCI Response and Scene Management
  • Breaching
    • Explosive Breaching
    • Ballistic, Mechanical, Hydraulic, and Exothermic (Thermal) Breaching
  • Tactical
    • Active shooter
    • Response to Large Scale Terrorist Incidents and MCI’s
    • C-IED in Tactical Operations