Forced Entry Tactical Training (FETT USA)

Established in 2004 by experienced tactical breachers, Forced Entry Tactical Training has rapidly grown to become a nationally recognized name in the field of explosive breaching.  As a division of Global Assets Integrated, it provides services covering the full spectrum of tactical breaching to include explosive, ballistic, thermal, hydraulic, mechanical, manual, and surreptitious breaching.

Forced Entry’s instructors have been carefully hand selected for their unique real world operational experience in the field of tactical explosive breaching.  All are veteran law enforcement officers from large agencies across the nation, who possesses relevant operational experience as tactical operators and/ or bomb technicians. 

Our instructors’ diverse experiences include countless operational deployments for search warrants, barricaded suspects, suicidal subjects, and hostage rescue missions.  As members of tactical teams and bomb squads, our instructors have been directly involved in the establishment and development of explosive breaching programs and protocols for their respective agencies.  Their involvement spans from the initial phases of training, equipment acquisition, construction of training facilities, and creation of departmental policies, through countless successful operational deployments.   FETT instructors possess well-rounded, intimate knowledge derived from current real-world experience.  This high instructional standard assures that the services we provide are consistent with current law enforcement trends, and adhere to departmental regulations, applicable laws, policies, and methods of operation.

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