Design, Engineering, and Construction

Since its inception, Global Assets has recognized the need to use its vast operational experience
in the creation of innovative gear and equipment to support explosive breaching, EOD/ bomb technician, and tactical operations.   This line of products has included:

  • Breaching frames and facades (explosive, manual, hydraulic, exothermic, and mechanical)  
  • Explosive breaching equipment (shock tube initiators, window breaching systems, bladders, etc.)
  • Breaching tools (rams, hooks, etc.)
  • EOD / bomb technician equipment (simulated IED/ WMD electrical circuits, grappling hooks, blasting cap sleeves, etc.)  
  • Specialized explosive breaching and EOD/ bomb technician kits

The entire process of design, engineering, and construction is completed here in the US which contributes to our ability to provide a superior level of products on consistent basis. 

* All of our products are currently in use by military units, government, and law enforcement agencies nationwide.   

Custom Design, Engineering, and Construction
For agencies / entities who are interested in specialized items or who require modifications to some of our existing products in order to fit their unique requirements, we offer our Custom Design, Engineering, and Construction services.  These services place our vast experience, expertise, and manufacturing abilities directly at our customer’s disposal.  We currently offer custom design, engineering, and construction services in the following areas:

  • Breaching Frames
  • Breaching Facades and Facilities
  • Specialized Kits and Tools   
  • Electronic circuits for Bomb Technicians and EOD personnel

Contact us directly by phone, email or fax to begin your custom project.