National Tactical Officers Association

The NTOA is a national nonprofit professional police association established by and for the law enforcement professional responsible for the response and resolution of critical incidents.

Omni Distribution

Omni Distribution has been in the explosive business for the past 20 years. Based in a small town in the Mid-South, we have been making sales calls throughout the United States and the World. Omni specializes in explosives for the following:Law Enforcement, K9 units, SWAT, Tactical Units, EOD, Military and many more!!Our Website is now under construction with a new design so don’t hesitate to call with anyquestions you may have.

Rapid Assault Tools

With a reputation for innovation and reliability, Rapid Assault Tools was created to fill a need of the law enforcement and military community. We have been producing high quality breaching tools and accessories since 2000.

Stickon Adhesive Industry

Breachers Tape creates an immediate super strong bond between the charge and the surface in all types of weather. Even in extreme cold and wet. Breachers Tape can be purchased in the equipment shop at

Senty Solutions

“Breachers Paste”. Used for charge to surface adhesion. Breachers Paste can be purchased in the equipment shop at

Royal Arms International

Providing Shotgun Breaching equipment and munitions to the tactical community since 1984. We also supply Explosive Entry Equipment, Less Lethal Munitions, Carry Cases, Knives and Tools, Breaching Accessories and Training.