Global Assets Integrated – Testimonials


The training provided by Global Assets was of the highest quality I have witnessed during my 35 years in law enforcement. Of particular value to the Philadelphia Police Department was the five day hands-on Counter Suicide Bomber course.
I would recommend this training to all law enforcement agencies and hope that the continued vigilance of the country is backed up by similar training.
The instructors were professional, and their ability to impart their knowledge was of the highest order.

Chief Inspector J.O.- Philadelphia Police Department/ Counter Terrorism 


The 5 day course conducted by Global Assets provided us with much needed training in the field of counter-terrorism, which is critically important but not traditionally studied as a practical method. Each of the 26 course evaluations described the students’ experience as one of the best classes they had ever attended. I received nothing but the highest feedback from all participants.

I wish to extend my deepest appreciation to Global Assets and extend my fullest support to their efforts. This information and practical training in the field of counter terrorism is much needed. As a patrol and bomb squad supervisor I am confident that the citizens of Pima County are safer for the instruction received by our deputies.
Every US law enforcement officer should attend this class.

Sergeant C.R.- Pima County Shieriff’s Department/ Bomb Squad


Of the two dozen law enforcement agencies from Arizona that attended the two weeks of training, all indicated to me that the training was better than they had anticipated and useable in their current position. “Simple, yet highly effective” is how Global Assets’ training was best described to me by the participants. I have to agree whole heartedly.

Global Assets’ staff was professional and highly motivated. The experience each individual instructor, and the team as a whole, had was self evident early in the training. Hearing about Global Assets’ actual successes and failures while developing techniques and methods of operations in a real-world environment was of great benefit.

Sergeant R.S- Arizona Department of Public Safety/ Bomb Squad


I would highly recommend the 5 day hands-on Counter Suicide Bomber course to all law enforcement officers especially those in the tactical and EOD units. The instructor’s delivery skills and knowledge was excellent. They demonstrated their real world experience in training and actual missions. Overall the course was excellent and very applicable to the threat we are facing.

Detective S.S.- Mesa Police Department/ Bomb Squad