Door Blower


The Broco Door Blower – a powerful forced entry system for first responders and tactical teams. This new hydraulic/pneumatic door opener features 13 tons of push. The Broco Door Blower is a hydraulic jamb spreader supporting a steel-reinforced high pressure bag. Compressed air from a small cylinder powers the dynamic component. The Broco Door Blower packs the power of explosives without the liability.   

Advantages of the Broco Door Blower include:

  • 13 tons of force implode door — defeats most types of inward opening doors
  • Ease of Use — takes only seconds to install and execute
  • Quiet — operation is virtually silent until the door/lock/jamb breaks
  • Versatile–may be used on lock or hinge side
  • Less worry — reduced liability and approval issues compared to explosive entries
  • Eliminates overpressure concerns — ideal for apartment hallways and confined spaces


The Broco Door Blower System includes:

  • welded steel blower hydraulic frame/jamb spreader
  • steel-reinforced high pressure bag
  • lightweight aluminum hydraulic pump
  • compact compressed air cylinder
  • regulator, hoses and accessories