Advanced Tactical Explosive Breacher
Fulfills EBRR/ Explosive Breacher Recertification Requirements

Duration: 5 Day Hands-on Course HOST A COURSE
Course Code: FE-TBC102
Cost: $1525.00

This Advanced Explosive Breacher course is in essence a continuation of our 6 day Basic/ Intermediate course.  It is specifically geared toward experienced operators who possess a strong foundational knowledge and experience in tactical explosive breaching. Its intent is to elevate the operational capabilities of such operators and increase their ability to perform effectively under various conditions and changing environments.

Developed and based on years of real-world operational experience, this unique 5 day hands-on course concentrates on the tactical applications of Explosive Breaching during critical and dynamic incidents. Participants are taught the advanced skills necessary to safely and effectively implement explosive entry during high risk operations requiring unique charge constructions, expedient placements, and flexible methods of deployment in order to assure proper integration into various stages of a mission.


Important Note:
For many operators who lack continuous operational deployment of explosive breaching, this course achieves three important objectives.
  • It serves as a documented refresher for material they were originally taught years ago but may have not since revisited.
  • It provides crucial updates in the fields of energetics, charge construction, common trends pertaining to LE and Military deployment, procedure and policy creation and revisions,laws and regulations, and much more.
  • It presents new advanced skills and methods of operation thereby facilitating forward progression in the individual breacher’s ability to apply his skill set in various environments and propel his unit’s program forward.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Restricted to Fully Commissioned/ Sworn U.S. Law Enforcement Officers, Government Agents, and Active Military Personnel
  • Certified Explosive Breachers who possess the following (copy of certification is required):
    • Must possess a current FETT Basic/ Intermediate Tactical Explosive Breacher Certification
    • Knowledge of Charge Calculations To Include Net Explosive Weights (N.E.W.), Lbs., TNT,  Minimum Safe Distances (MSD), Internal Overpressure, Predicting/ Estimating Collateral Damage, Operational Limitations of Calculations
    • Knowledge of Basic – Intermediate Charge Construction


Topics to be covered:
  • Advanced Concepts in the Mitigation of Breaching Hazards during Tactical Operations
  • Progressive Concepts in the use of Energetic Materials
  • Breacher Responsibilities in Various Tactical Missions
  • Basic/ Advanced Charge Calculations
  • Target Analysis (Basic/ Advanced)
  • Support Materials for Rapid Deployment
  • Advanced Charge Construction, Selection, and Delivery Systems
  • Advanced Deployment Considerations
  • Dynamic Deployments of RDC’s
  • Low Light Operations
  • Alternate Breaching Points
  • Storage and Equipment
  • Mission Intelligence, Planning, and Briefing
  • Implementation of Secondary Breaching Methods
  • Documentation and Liability