Crisis Negotiation for Terrorist Incidents

Duration: 5 Day Hands-on Training HOST A COURSE
Course Code: GA-CT106
Cost: $1225.00

This unique program is designed to equip law enforcement officers and members of CNT teams with crucial crisis negotiation skills for use during terrorist incidents.  The training program is based on the professional and real-world operational experience of our instructors gained over the past decade confronting terrorist incidents in the Middle East.   These confrontations include extortion, hostage taking, and barricade situations, all involving members of internationally recognized terrorist organizations.   

This 5 day course provides the participants with the basic conceptual framework, communication tools, and hands-on tactics necessary to conduct successful, proactive negations.  It focuses on the negotiator’s direct communication with terrorist suspects and the fundamental principles of doing so in various situations. 

A hands-on the training program, this course consists of classroom lectures presentations, case study analyses, role playing scenarios, and practical problems.


Course Prerequisites:

  • Restricted to Fully Commissioned/ Sworn U.S. Law Enforcement Officers, Government Agents, and Active Military Personnel